Monday, 25 February 2013

newsletter MOCK UP- evaluation

This is the mock up of the newsletter that i will create for my preliminary task, i have done this using Microsoft word publisher. To plan my layout i have used a 5x5 grid, this has allowed me to structure my layout. I have gone for a more simplistic style of front cover as i feel that this makes it look more professional. i have done this as my chosen target audience is the parents of the pupils.

I have chosen to use a large image in the background, this image will be of a sixth form student studying in the library for example. i have decided on only using a small piece of text on the front cover as it makes the newsletter look more appealing and less daunting. I have gone with the tag line of 'care, courtesy and common sense' i have chosen this as it fits with the morals of the school and my ideology of how the school is a caring and supporting place. The cover line for my front cover will be involving a school event such as a trip that has taken place. For my title i have not completely decided on a final idea, i have come up with some. Such as 'ToDeyes News' i have thought about this one as it plays a pun on the schools name and makes it more humorous. I have also considered 'Deyes News', this is a more formal idea and i would say that this may relate to my target audience more. I will stick with the colours of the school (red, white, blue), however i will make them less prominent with the use of photoshop, i may make them look washed out.
This is my contents page mock up I have decided to use many photos on my contents page so that it gives an incite in to the magazine and draws people in. i have decided to use a suttle background that is not very prominent on the page this is so the eye is drawn towards the main image. i will use a font from Dafont for my title as they are better and more original than normal fonts from word etc.

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